We Care About Performance in Our Web Design Services

After several years with the old design, we decided that it was time to use some makeup for our site. Today, we are happy to announce our new redesign and hope you enjoy it. We created a custom CSS framework that only contains what we need and it is easy to maintain.

Before jumping into creating our own framework, we considered other alternatives and open source solutions. However, the amount of unnecessary components does not help to our cause of providing a faster and lightweight web pages.

Using our in-house framework, we were able to achieve the performance we wanted in the front end. Getting in Google PageSpeed Insights a 91/100 in speed in mobile devices while offering a 100/100 in User Experience. In the same service, for desktop computers our site scored a 97/100. In another popular speed test site like Pingdom, our site scored 93/100 while scoring an A in YSlow and WebPageTest website.

Why Website Performance is important?

It is very important because slow pages can be penalized by Google  and other search engines. So, having a fast website could help you to rank higher in Google and that can be translated into a more visitors which could translate to more customers. Additionally, it is all about people. The longer it takes for a page to load, the higher the chances are that the users may go to a competitor’s site to find what they are looking for.

We are always trying to get the best for our customers and improving our approaches and methods for web design and development so users  can benefit from faster, cleaner, and better user experience. Also, we provide services of website optimization. If you website is running slow, we provide web design services for your site to run as fast as it can. Call us now, we are here to help!