The Benefits of WordPress as CMS for Your Website

When entrepreneurs and small business owners decide to build their website or hire a company to do web design services for their business, they usually don’t know what makes a website work and what should be recommended and why. Here we will provide several reasons why WordPress is great for your site over other alternatives.

Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website

Years ago, when you wanted to find information about a service or company, the first step was to look in the yellow pages. Now, with the use of computers, smartphones, and tablets, all kinds of information sought can be located in seconds. Many companies lose potential customers just because of no web presence. Here are some reasons why a business needs a website:

5 Principles of Interface Design

The general principles presented in the book, The Essential Guide to User Interface Design, are aimed to provide the best practices in order to design user interfaces for GUI or Web (Galitz 2007). Five of the general principles are Accessibility, Aesthetically Pleasing, Clarity, Forgiveness, and Directness (Galitz 2007).

We Are Hiring!

As we are always trying to improve our services and provide a better customer and user experience, we are looking for talented people in different areas. The areas include Web Design, Web Development, iOS Developer, Android Developer, Digital Marketing Manager, and Sales people.

We Care About Performance in Our Web Design Services

After several years with the old design, we decided that it was time to use some makeup for our site. Today, we are happy to announce our new redesign and hope you enjoy it. We created a custom CSS framework that only contains what we need and it is easy to maintain.