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UX Consulting

Do you want to know exactly what your users want? Do you want to know your users and their needs? Or want to know why your product is failing and how to improve it? We provide UX Research and Consulting services to help you answering those questions.

UX Audit

We provide a UX Audit and Heuristic Evaluation fo your product. We base our audits on more than 60 Usabilities Guidelines in order find usability issues. After the UX Audit, we generate a report with the issues and how to fix them so your users can acomplish their tasks with ease. (Deliverable: UX Audit Report)

User Interface Design

User interface design (UI Design) is about understading the users needs and providing a interface that allows them to acomplish their tasks. We can help you design the UI of your website or application. We perform the user research and design the UI with your team.

Rapid Prototyping

If you have an idea that want to test out, we can help you buiding a prototype so you can test with your target audience. The prototype could be based on images or even HTML/CSS/JavaScript. We create the prototype based on your needs.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is about how to organize content in an understanding matter. So, it is easier for your users to digest and they can perform their tasks with ease. Also, it allows them to find the information as soon as possible as the pages are organized. In addition, information architecture helps the users to know exactly where they are in a website. This includes the use of clear labels, navigation, search systems, and page names.

User Research

User research is about learning as much as possible about the users. Understing the users allow us to tailor everything in order to fullfil their needs. By performing user research we are able to find the their motivations, expectations, fustrations, behaviors, and needs.

Usability Testing

Knowing that your website or application is easy to use is crucial for the success of your business. Even if you already have a website, proprietary application or mobile app, we can work with your team to figure out what is wrong and what is not working. We perform usability testings with real users in order to find and fix the problems in your app.


In simple terms, accessibility is making sure that people with disabilities can use your product. We make sure that we do an audit of your product in terms of accessbility and follows the latest accessibility guidelines.

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